Earth Day Weekend Retreat

hands holding earth

April 21-23, 2017

Cost: $185

Note: If you only want to come on Saturday, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

“The Web of the Whole of Earth as One Body of Christ”

Our Earth Day Weekend Retreat is packed with multiple perspectives related to the importance and integration of Creation.

Opening: Celebrating and exploring the many ways in which God is the very web that connects us in interdependence with all God’s Creation. A wonderful way to begin is with questions of curiosity. Why “Earth Day?” When did it begin? How has science fleshed out the Genesis Creation Story? We will view the movie, “The Journey of the Universe.”

Walking Through Time: A gentle walk, micro experiencing the almost 14 billion years of the unfolding, expanding universe. We will explore the gifts of plants and animals who shaped the unfolding of our human body.

Science is giving modern language and “proving” with their technical instruments, what ancient religions and peoples have carried through the centuries with their stories, rituals and traditions.

On Saturday afternoon, there will be two time slots that will have three options each. 

The Healing Earth (Saturday 1 p.m.): Our natural world can give us clues about elements and aspects of our human lives. We can turn to the Earth to understand, have wisdom, and nurture our lives. Nature is home, healer, companion, refuge and more. A variety of examples will be shared in this session.

Herbal Tea Making and Tasting (Saturday 1 p.m.): Begin a newfound love with herbal tea. In this beginner’s tea-making workshop, we will explore the tea-making basics when combining different flavor profiles and herbal actions for a blend that is exactly right for you and your taste buds.

Sacred Water (Saturday 1 p.m.): All of life is formed, shaped and dependent on water. We settle close to water and then move when there is too little or too much water. All major religions have rituals on water, making Sister Water sacred. Come explore and celebrate water in our lives.

Earth Images in the Bible (Saturday 3 p.m.): For ancient peoples, the “book” that was a source of learning, connecting and wisdom was Creation and our natural world. Examples from both the Old and New Testaments will offer reflection on how God is revealed through our Earth. Come and share the inspiration that our natural world can give us.

Herbal Extracts (Saturday 3 p.m.):  Learn to make your own medicine from the Earth! In this class we will be learning to make herbal tinctures and herbal infused oils to be used alone or as the base for elixirs or salves. These simple products can be used by you and your family for many common ailments.

Exploring Earth Springing Forth Life (Saturday 3 p.m.): Come for a gentle walk to discover Earth’s signs of new life. We’ll identify plants and tell stories of their gifts to us as food, and medicine for our bodies and spirits. Dress for the weather.

Evening activities include campfire, drumming and storytelling. Bring drums if you have them. Others will be available.

This retreat begins with Friday evening check-in beginning at 5:00 and supper at 6:30 p.m. The program conclude with the noon meal on Sunday. Cost includes overnight accommodations, delicious buffet meals, and program fees.

Presenters include Sr. Roselyn Heil, FSPA, Sr. Jolynn Brehm, FSPA, and Holly Behrens.