Franciscan Life is Living Gospel

Sunday, October 7, 2018  |  2-4 p.m.  |  Free-Will Offering 

St. Francis heard, chose, embodied, preached, and lived the Gospels. At the beginning of his converted life, Francis chose three Gospel passages as his “Rule.” Throughout his life, he lived the Gospel message of poverty and solidarity with the poor and those persons on the margins. Brotherhood was the unspoken witness to Gospel values, while major life events testified to his love of the Gospel. At the stigmata experience, the Passion Gospels were revealed three times. As Francis was dying, he requested that the Gospel account of the Last Supper be read. The deep links between Gospel Living and Franciscan living will be explored by participants in this event through a presentation, activities, and conversation.

Presented by Sr. Jolynn Brehm, FSPA. 

RSVP requested to the Front Office (715-443-2236).