There is little to report on this holiday weekend; those of us who live at St. Anthony’s are taking time to enjoy the sublime retreat stillness that permeates this house, but that often gets muted by the mundane busyness of ringing phones and rapidly multiplying e-mail messages and whatnot. The restfulness is profound and profoundly lovely.

Fr. Bob and I will both be on the road today, while Tracy and Marge stay here to keep each other and the house company. Tracy will catch a bit of a breather, no doubt, between semesters, while Marge and her sister will continue their work in identifying and labeling breaker boxes. Tripped breakers are always an adventure in a house in which electricity was added after the fact. Most of us do know where all of the breaker boxes are, and some of us even have a pretty good idea of which boxes control which circuits, but Marge’s clear labeling system is an enormous help. Slowly, but surely, the labels will make their way across the entire house.

I’ve temporarily abandoned my plan of dropping things down the laundry chutes to see where they land, primarily for want of appropriate things to drop. I had initially planned to drop wadded up pieces of scratch paper, but realized at the 11th hour that they may not be heavy enough to travel the entire route of a narrow chute. Golf balls were my next option, but none presented themselves. As I write, it has occurred to me that I could simply drop un-crumpled sheets of brightly colored paper – the kind that my Dad used to call retina burners – down the chutes. An un-crumpled sheet of paper would surely traverse the entire course of the chute without event. But the hour is approaching at which I must depart, if I am to enjoy a leisurely ferry ride across Lake Superior and a day’s worth of biking on Madeline Island. Tune in for additional details at a later date.

Rest well from your labors, friends! Be at peace and find much to enjoy in these quiet autumn days.

Deo gratias!