Heavy rains through the night on Monday-into-Tuesday brought rising temperatures and rain-forest levels of mugginess to Marathon today. It feels like spring is trying to insert itself into the cycle of seasons at the wrong time. Happily, the weather forecast suggests that autumn will reassert itself tomorrow or the day after, returning the cycle of seasons to its rightful order.

As the rain made its way earthwards on Monday, we received sad news: one of our good friends, Margaret Menting, transitioned to eternal life on Saturday, September 7th. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July and went home to meet her Lord on Saturday. She was prepared for the journey, but that doesn’t make her departure any easier for those of us who knew and admired her. She was a faithful volunteer and a good, wise, and beautiful person.
Eternal rejoicing grant unto her, O Lord!

You can read Margaret’s obituary here: https://www.bradleyfh.com/obituary/332484/Margaret-Menting/

Many of us will travel to her funeral in Phlox on Thursday, and I need to choose a bouquet of flowers to send from all of us before I bring my day to a close today.

Deo gratias.