I have been remiss in my duties as Chronicler.

My apologies to the reader and to posterity for having failed to record the events of this House for nearly two weeks!

I do believe that I was hindered in my duties by a conviction that the Chronicle must tell of great events that culminate in a wise, insightful conclusion. And most days, I just don’t have anything particularly wise or insightful to impart, no matter how great the events of the day. But then I realized the error of my ways when two events came tip-toeing along, reminding me that my predecessors chronicled both the big and the small, the ordinary and the extraordinary – but mostly the ordinary. These two events reminded me that my predecessors generally didn’t feel the need to offer rich insights in their chronicles; they simply chronicled — a verb that means “to record.”

And so I record a sunset and broom-mania.

The sunset was a Tuesday gift. As I climbed the stairs at the end of the day, having just chatted with Fr. Bob about the refreshing, simple joy of seeing daylight past 5:00 in the evening, I stopped to admire the fading sunlight, muffled in a somewhat magical grey way by cloud cover. And there, at the bottom of the clouds, was a tiny blob of pink so piercingly bright that it was almost orange. Surely, such an enchanting sight is worthy of the chronicle!

Also worthy of note is the boom-mania sweeping St. Anthony’s. It began with a photo from Jain that arrived in my inbox on Monday. A friend of hers had managed to leave a broom standing upright in the middle a room ….with no support or assistance of any kind. The Earth, according to NASA, does all of the balancing work by sitting at just the perfect angle to hold a broom upright without assistance.

Next came a photo from Jain of a broom standing solemnly upright in her kitchen.

Then Tracy vowed to try the broom-standing trick right here in our very own house. At first I questioned the legitimacy of performing this experiment with the carpet sweeper, which has a much wider base than the average broom, but then I realized that the handle of the sweeper does not normally stand upright without assistance. And so the Earth’s tilt worked amazing wonders before our very eyes once again!

Who will be the next to partake in broom mania? And exactly how much longer will this gift from Mother Earth last?

Before bringing today’s chronicle to a close, I must report on another amazing phenomenon of the natural world: mountain lion / cougar sightings in Wisconsin! The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources notes that at least one confirmed cougar sighting has been reported every year since 2008. While we have not encountered Brother/Sister Mountain Lion here at St. Anthony’s, a friend reports having seen this marvelous and marvelously startling creature near her home at the end of January. In her words: “That is one big cat!”

No doubt that big cat also has a big purr that he/she raises in jubilation for the gift of all God’s Goodness all the time. Praise be for goodnesses big and small, ordinary and extraordinary!

Deo Gratias!