Rejoice with me: today I record one hundred years of this glorious house, one hundred years of this joyous community!

One hundred years ago today, on the Holy Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (now celebrated as a Solemnity, rather than a Feast), St. Anthony’s opened its doors in welcome to the professors, retired friars, students, and lay brothers who would fondly call this grand new friary and House of Studies home. God be praised for the wisdom, joy, and love that brought this house into being and still enliven it today! What a blessing that this house still stands, fulfilling the noble role of a spirituality center that opens its doors in welcome to all seeking a deeper connection with God, self, others, and all of Creation. God be praised for blessings and blessedness, for feasts and feasting, for remembering and rejoicing!

This solemn festival day dawned with a hint of autumn in the air: still, quiet, chilly, and overcast with sunlight filtering through the clouds as a promise of the gentle blue sky smiling through my window as I write. Likewise dawn the next 100 years of this blessed house and the community that calls it home: with the promise of gentleness, joy, continuity, resilience, and much love. 

Thus begins the House Chronicle of St. Anthony Spirituality Center in this Year of Our Lord 2019. Deo Gratias.