I’ve often commented that the house somehow seems more quiet when it is full of people who are intentionally trying to maintain silence than when it is empty or nearly empty. Yet the nearly empty house of the past one and a half days has been more quiet than the most quiet of quiets.

Or perhaps “quiet” isn’t quite the right word.

Perhaps “serene” would be a more accurate word.

This most quiet of all quiets isn’t simply about a lack of decibels; it’s about a lack of worry.

As strange and uncertain as things may be for much of the world right now, this sturdy house fails to be shaken. It has, after all, witnessed the tail end – the merciful tapering off – of another earth-shattering pandemic: the H1N1 influenza of 1918 – 1919. Patience and courage won out over fear in 1918 – 1919, as they will win out over fear in 2020. Perhaps even more important than the courage and patience that upheld this house at its dawning is the joy that has always resided within these walls. Here there is an abundance of Goodness; an abundance of Beauty; an abundance of Love. Such an abundance of Goodness, Beauty, and Love lead to a joy so exuberant and so eternal that it cannot long remain overshadowed by fear.

And so we take heart in our serene burrow, reminded of the Goodness, Beauty, and Love that want to walk with us on life’s journey.

Indeed, a blessed sense of serenity even pervaded the ordinary spring cleaning tasks that I undertook today: serenely I washed three loads of laundry, scoured my bathtub thoroughly, and cleaned and reorganized a storage cart. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll dust the radiators.

And I’ve still got plenty of mushrooms.

Deo Gratias!