It seems that summer – or something very much like it – has returned to Marathon. The grey, wind-scuttled sky outside my window has a distinctly autumnal appearance, but I know that a wave of unpleasant heat and humidity will wash over me the minute I step outside. The staunch brick walls of this staunch old house are holding the cool of the past weeks reasonably well. We’ll see how long our strategic window opening and closing ploy is able to hold out against the day’s humidity. If you see an open window in the house over these next few days, close it quickly! And pray that Brother Autumn, missing us as much as we miss him, will soon return to see how we are doing.

All sorts of big and small things have been happening here at St. Anthony’s since I last wrote.

In the news of the small, but by no means insignificant:
–I discovered that it is possible to stuff a portable marquee sign into the trunk of a Honda Civic SI. I advise keeping one’s speed to a minimum when driving with said sign stuffed into the trunk of said car. 3 mph seems like a safe speed.
–Tracy, our expert fire-builder, is ready for winter, having brought a plentiful supply of firewood into the living room.
–Jain’s lost vacuum has happily been found!
–The Clavinova is settling nicely into its new home at the front of the chapel.
–A volunteer has very graciously offered to wash altar linens for us – thank you, Mary!

In the news of the big:
–We are delighted to welcome Jackie Kellner, who has joined St. Anthony’s as our Development Director and an all-around joyful new addition to our community! We all enjoy her presence and look forward to helping her realize the dreams and goals she sets out for St Anthony’s continued financial sustainability. Stop by any weekday before 4 pm to say “hello” to Jackie!
–We are pleased to report that we’ve installed new railings on the balconies on the east side of the house, courtesy of Ray Streveler Shop, Inc. RSSI did a beautiful job both fabricating and installing the new railings. Stop by the house any day to admire them – and enjoy a walk in our refreshing woods while you’re at it.

As afternoon turns towards evening, I turn my mind towards thoughts of a bike ride, but fear that I may be deterred by heat, humidity, wind, and the need to press on with an automation project that has been on my to-do list for much too long now. Wisdom and wise decisions are things of beauty, indeed.

Deo Gratias!