I’m not sure that anyone really got caught up on work today, after a long (but lovely) weekend of Centennial Celebrations. We need to catch our collective breath, though: we’re in for another long, but exciting, weekend ahead, with five groups sharing the House on Saturday.

Fr. Schultz’ priest support group was here today; their presence always ensures a nice turnout for Monday Mass! Fr. Tom Z. kindly served as cantor, while I served as accompanist on the newly moved Clavinova. Marge Lindell served as lector. Fr. Don Pzybylski and Fr. Bob Streveler concelebrated, with Fr. Don serving as homilist. His chasuble and the gladiolus parked in a vase in front of the ambo had an interesting encounter during the Sign of Peace. We all saw that accident coming, but none of us could move quickly enough to prevent it, even though it seemed to happen in slow motion.

In other news: Fr. Tom helped me with a bit of cultural knowledge that I needed while working to translate the 1865 House Chronicle from the friary at Mt. Calvary out of German into English.

Fr. Bob has jury duty for a week.

Tracy’s aunt seems to be doing better.

Aster (my magnificent blue road bike) and I did our usual fifteen-mile loop this evening as the sky settled into ever-deepening shades of blue succeeded by pink. Aster and I must be getting faster: we made the loop in just slightly less than an hour, in spite of our waiting for a seemingly interminable line of cars to clear Main Street; of my hopping off to adjust the quick-release lever on the front tire; and of our stopping to chat with Jackie for a few moments. Back at the house, I ran into our summer resident, Jay, and wished him well with the commencement of his next year of studies in the fall.

Deo Gratias