Letzte Woche am Dienstag hatten wir Besuch aus Deutschland!

There is never a dull moment at St. Anthony’s. It’s true that silent moments occur here with some frequency, but those moments are by no means dull: they are filled with the blessings and beauty of time to reflect, to heal, to experience grace, and to grow in one’s spirituality.

These are the very treasures that were alluded to on Tuesday of last week, when the never-dull moments of a weekday afternoon were rendered even more not-dull by the sounds of the German language bouncing around the corridors.

Wieso denn Deutsch?

Were the sounds of German some sort of marvelous Centennial flashback to the early days of our house and the Province whose students and faculty it served so well?

No! They were the happy sounds of visitors from Germany who spent a delightful hour touring our house! How good it is to welcome the stranger from both near and far; how good it is to make new friends all around the world. Hospitality knows no borders and no language barriers!

Our new friends were captivated by St. Anthony’s -by the austere joy to be found here; by the care that staff, residents, and volunteers so obviously dedicate to this place; and by the spirit of peace, grace, and healing that dwells within this house, sanctifying all who enter its doors.

As our friends prepared to depart, one of them asked me if I were familiar with the German word “Kleinod.”

I assured her that I was (you don’t major in German Literature without learning some of the most obscure – but beautiful – vocabulary ever.)

“Ein echtes Kleinod haben Sie hier.” proclaimed our new friend.

A true treasure, indeed.

How blessed are those of us who have discovered this treasure called St. Anthony’s, and how blessed will be the ones who discover it in years to come.

Deo Gratias!