The House catches its breath, and so do I, before the next busy weekend begins.

I took the day off to get caught up, but is one ever really “caught up” in the ministry of hospitality? There’s always another retreat to be given, another guest to be welcomed, another challenge to be sorted out. And therein lies the beauty of this ministry – the creativity, the spontaneity, the ever-ready-to-welcome-ness!

Windy, sunny, and cool-ish today. A strange combination. Is autumn on the way?

Jain made blackberry muffins; they were divine! The Concord grapes in the courtyard will be ready to harvest soon. Susie made jam with last year’s harvest – will we have a repeat performance this year?

Fr. Tom left for Appleton this morning; may God bless his travels.

Marge spent the day moving furniture and cleaning rooms; may God bless her rest this evening, keeping her safe from sore muscles.

Deo Gratias!