Brother Autumn will no doubt be here soon in all of his colorful splendor! He has already gifted us with refreshingly cool nights and invigoratingly dry days.

This particular day was invigorating not just because of the crisp weather but because of the stillness of the house. The phones were quiet, few visitors stopped by, nothing of great import arrived in the mail, and we all had a chance to do a bit of catching up between the lovely busy-ness of last weekend’s Centennial Celebration and the lovely busy-ness of a weekend when everyone wants to be at our House. Three groups arrive on Friday afternoon, with an additional two dropping in for the day on Saturday.

I took advantage of the quiet day to do a bit of writing, to tidy up my office, and to sneak in another ride with Aster. My average speed is just a smidge over 15 mph when I have a 15 mph wind at my back!

The day also lent itself to the silliness that occasionally erupts amongst the good residents of this good House. Fr, Bob, Marge, Susie, and I revisited the as-yet-unsettled question: what’s the shortest distance from my room to the laundry room? We concluded that using one of the two laundry chutes in the upper corridors of the House might (surprise, surprise) be the most efficient option for transporting laundry to the washing machines. Nevertheless, the benefits of using said chutes would be significantly offset by the time wasted searching for the laundry in the basement. No one is entirely certain where the chutes come out, although we have a pretty good idea, based on the respective locations of the chute entry points, that the exit points are nowhere near the laundry room. No one was willing to slide down either chute to find out. I intend to drop something down each of them over the Labor Day weekend, then take a walk in the basement to see where my dropped objects landed.

How blessed is the House whose residents can turn the mundane into the delightful!

Deo gratias!