I’ve been remiss in my chronicling duties, having spent the weekend tending to the needs of two separate retreats: as accompanist for one retreat and as co-facilitator with Tammy Barthels and Dawn Anderson for another. Dawn set each of us a homework task; namely, to compose a poem that serves as both a summary and a souvenir of our time together at the Creative Expressions of Spirituality Retreat. My own poem – inspired not only by phrases and ideas that sparked to life in others’ poems but also by the divine beauty of having taken part in this retreat – ┬áserves as summary, souvenir, and stand-in for the weekend’s chronicle.

Deo Gratias!

Reflection of the Forever
Forever rotating against stardust:
poetry in stone, song, and swathes of sodden sod.

Forever rotating against stardust:
the kindness to help a hippopotamus,
the thoughtfulness to share postage stamps (in more ways than one)
the tenderness to pray for those fellow travelers who are most in need of comfort.
Forever rotating against stardust:
all is light;
all is one;
the Mystical Body of Christ refracts stardust, reflecting the Forever.