I have been on sort of a scavenger hunt the past few days. Sometime in the past two weeks or so, one of our guests left several painted stones in various places around the building.

The first one I found was resting on top of the display case outside of the chapel. At first I thought the mysterious giver of surprises was Tracy. A couple of weeks ago he returned from a trip to Stevens Point with several painted rocks that bore the message “Point Rocks”. He explained that the rocks were painted and left around town as a way of bringing joy to those who came upon them. Finders are encouraged to take a picture of the rock, post it to Point Rocks’ Facebook page with the location where it was found, then take it with them to rehide it. The posted photos would then track how far the joy has spread.

However, the stone I found did not bear the message “Point Rocks” and those decorated stones from Stevens Point remain on the table on the deck off of our community room, so the one I found was not Tracy’s. Then a day or so later I found a second stone, this one shaped a bit like a turtle shell and decorated accordingly. The message it bore was “Go slow”, which I thought was an appropriate reminder for guests of our house.

This morning I found another stone. This one bore the message, “God Bless!” Tonight as I went to gather the stones I had found to take their picture, I found two more. I do not know how many of these tiny blessings are scattered throughout our home. I do not know the identity of this guest who took the time during their stay to decorate these little gifts. But after taking the picture of the stones I found, I redistributed them around the Center so as to allow another to find the same joy and delight I had found.

I do know that this unidentified bringer-of-small-joys-and-delight reminds me of our God, who brings small joys and delights into our all our days and nights. From the birds and wildlife that have kept us company all through the spring and summer months, to the colors and designs of the sunrises and sunsets that grace each day, to the moon and stars and comets that decorate the night sky, to the sounds of the woods that surround us, to the changing of the seasons, there is no end to the joy and delight God gives us each day.

For all of life’s delightful and joyful surprises, we say Deo Gratias!