Not just two or three, but twelve (yes, twelve!), were gathered in His name today for evening prayer. What a blessing it is when our staunch little community triples its size! Today we were blessed with retreatants who have come to deepen their lives of prayer, with volunteers who have come to tidy up our flower beds before autumn’s frosts arrive, and with family members who have come to visit before autumn’s colors fade. And so we came together in unity, peace, and joy: twelve people whose lives might otherwise never have intersected. The small miracle of our coming together and the anything-but-small sanctity of our unity in prayer are marvelous, indeed.

Marvelous, too, is the return of Brother Sun after an extended vacation to parts unknown. While it’s true that we appreciate Sister Rain and the many blessings she showers upon our Mother Earth, we were most grateful for Brother Sun’s cheerful smile today. He promises to be with us for at least the next few days. It seems that he may have invited his friend, Brother Snow-Shower, to visit at some point later this week, although this visit has not yet been confirmed.

But one thing has been confirmed; namely,┬áthe firing of the boilers. Just Bob busied himself assiduously (and very early this morning) with the mysterious things that he does deep in the heart of our house to wake our boilers from their summer’s slumbers. Although the radiators must still be bled, a particularly eager radiator in the corridor near the refectory seems to have begun churning out heat already.

And so the house readies itself for the coming of Brother Winter.

And in the meantime, Marge, Fr. Bob, and I continue to discuss the relative merits of sticking – or not sticking – one’s head in the dishwasher (or, at any rate, sort of near the dishwasher as the steam rises from it) as a means of relieving cold and/or allergy symptoms. It seems like an eminently good idea, in theory, but its implementation would surely prove to be less than ideal. Where two or three are gathered in good humor, there is joy in our midst!

Deo Gratias!