A modern Christmas carol – “Mary, Did You Know?” – is the ringtone on my cell phone. This carol speculates on Mary’s thoughts after Jesus’ birth.  Each time my phone rings, and I hear the beginning, “Mary, did you know?”, I consider it a “holy interruption” in whatever I am doing.  It is a sacred pause that draws me into an awareness of Mary’s presence in my life.

When I hear my ringtone, the refrain stays with me. It has become a constant conversation I have with Mary.  Often I imagine asking Mary, “did you know?”, as we sit together under a tree (her sacred place for prayer). This song takes me beyond the young vulnerable woman who gave birth to a Baby Boy to an aging woman of wisdom whose Son became her life. 

Mary, did you know…

…that the first time you said “YES” you would surrender your heart many times during your life?

…that your fidelity to the will of God would cost you the understanding of others; and would leave a sinful stain on your character?

…that your Baby Boy would change the world forever?

…that your Mother’s heart would be pierced by the sword of sorrow?

Mary, did you know…

…that you would become a refugee, homeless and unwanted?

…that you would be an advocate for those who are poor, displaced, marginalized?

Mary, did you know…

…that you would be the mother of every unwanted child and the companion of every

   unwed mother?

…that you would be the voice for all women who are silenced, oppressed and abused?

…that in every woman, rich or poor, young or aging, guilty or innocent, loved or unloved, we would see a reflection of you?

Mary, did you know that when you gave us Jesus, the Son of God, you gave us the Light of the world and the hope in everlasting Life.

– Sandy Setterlund