At the beginning of this beautiful summer day I want to hold the morning close, like a little child with all
its freshness and sweetness, before the world encroaches to steal away its precious innocence. I want
to shelter and protect the birds, the apple trees, the deer, the oceans, the forests and my loved ones
from the lies and delusions that tell us the world is other than beautiful and is other than held in the
hands of a loving Creator.I want to proclaim this is a “Christ-soaked world”, to borrow a phrase from author and Franciscan priest
Richard Rohr, if we but open our eyes and our hearts to see. I want to proclaim that all the negativity,
violence and destruction around us is not God’s fault. It is our fault because we have failed to love and
cherish one another and our beautiful home. I want to proclaim that it is not hopeless, that we have the
power, the grace and the means to turn things around if we want to badly enough.
I want more glorious mornings to pass on to my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. I want
endless days for them to dance and rejoice in creation. I want them to experience abundant life here
and now and have the opportunity to become all they were created to be.
I want to pass on golden sunsets and peaceful nights so they can wake up renewed and grateful. I want
them to feel wrapped in the arms of God always. Such is my summer’s dream, not only for my
grandchildren, but for all of us today and future generations to come.