This week, all of us at St. Anthony’s – and those in many parts of Wisconsin – were treated to a phenomenon known as rime ice.  Rime ice is created when the moisture in fog clings to and freezes on surfaces like tree branches and shrubs.  Each morning since Sunday, everything on the grounds was frosted by rime ice.  Each day, we expected the fog to burn off and the sun to melt the frozen fog, but each day the rime ice survived.

The natural beauty of the frosted landscape is stunning.  Once bare, apparently lifeless limbs are suddenly blossoming with white lace.  Evergreen boughs are now feathered in white as well.  While science has an explanation for what we witnessed, it is impossible not to be drawn beyond the science to the God that made it all possible.  God made the trees, the fog, the cold – all the elements that went into creating this monochromatic work of art.

In a world that often seems to have more than enough ugliness – disease, disruption, destruction, disrespect, death – God reminds us that the beauty is still there, all around us, if we just take the time to notice.  And sometimes, when we don’t notice the little glimpses of beauty like a flower or a bird, God goes and creates something like rime ice that makes it all but impossible for us to not notice.

For rime ice, snow, flowers, birds, trees, and all the works of art that God creates to bring beauty into our lives, we say Deo Gratias!