Community Residents

Thank you for your interest in becoming a St. Anthony Community Resident at St. Anthony Spirituality Center.

This page will lay out the vision for this adventure in Franciscan living and will give the requirements and expectations for those who apply. If you need clarification of any item in this letter or in the application, please call or email us at the Center.

The resident opportunity exists to continue the Franciscan spirit at the Center as it is essential for the ministry provided here. The Center was founded as a seminary by the Capuchin Franciscans in 1918. In 1971 St. Anthony’s converted into a retreat center.

Although we no longer have the Capuchins, we are able to continue a Franciscan presence by coming together to live, pray and work. This group of four to six residents lives by the values and supports the mission of the St. Anthony Community while sharing their gifts in service to the Center.

Our mission states: “The St. Anthony community welcomes all seeking healing, hope and transformation through a deeper connection with God, Self, Others and Creation. We gather to embrace and grow in Franciscan values.”

Prospective members would need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Be willing and able to make a 3-6 month commitment to the Center with the option of renewal.
2. Be able to engage in moderate physical activity to include walking.
3. Be financially self-sufficient.
4. Be willing and able to share their life with others in residence.
5. Be willing to submit to the background check required by the Center.

St. Anthony Spirituality Center will provide room and board to residents. No remuneration of any kind will be provided. In exchange, the residents choose to be a prayer presence as well as providing service in support of the Center for a total of approximately 20-25 hours per week.

Each applicant will be asked to come to St. Anthony’s for a personal interview with the Center Director, Spiritual Leader and up to two residents.

Applicants will be required to have three references: two from persons (non-family) who know them well and one from their parish priest/pastor or spiritual director. These letters should be submitted with the application form. You can download the application form here.

Please call us at the Center (715.443.2236) with any questions during this process. You can also email us at

Sincerely in the Love of Christ,

Sr. Jolynn Brehm, FSPA
Spiritual Leader


Resident Application