Despite an extended streak of summer weather, nature inevitably turns summer to autumn. It does not always happen when the calendar tells us it should, but we cannot stop it from happening.

Here at St. Anthony’s, with 40 acres of nature to care for, that also means plenty of work to do. Our staff and volunteers are grateful when God provides an extended time to tend to the grounds. A handful of our garden volunteers came this past weekend to do some fall clean-up and beautification. They removed the once-green stems that once supported an array of colorful flowers, but now have all turned the same shade of brown. While there are still a few fall flowers, principally mums, most of the flower gardens are now bare. Scattered in place of the greenery are an assortment of pumpkins and gourds. They will remain that way until the brown is covered by a blanket of white.

Meanwhile, JustBob and his volunteers continue to get as much work done outside as weather permits. The grass has continued to grow with the warm weather. There are trails to clear, wood to cut, fallen leaves to relocate, potted plants that need to move inside and benches that must be stored before the snows come. All of this is in addition to maintenance needs inside the building and meeting room re-arrangements to meet the needs of our groups as they come and go.

We cannot control the weather, we can only be grateful for the opportunities God provides for us to continue to do what is necessary. When nature closes the window on outside work, our focus will return to the long list of indoor projects. So we strive to accept and maximize what opportunities God provides and surrender what is beyond our control.

For the many opportunities to learn to accept what is and surrender what we cannot control, we say Deo Gratias!