Being Autumn

“There is visible in all thingsan invisible fecundity,a dimmed light,a meek namelessnessa hidden wholeness.This mysterious Unity and Integrityis Wisdom, the Mother of all…”Thomas Merton After the riotous palette of autumnal […]

“There is visible in all things
an invisible fecundity,
a dimmed light,
a meek namelessness
a hidden wholeness.
This mysterious Unity and Integrity
is Wisdom, the Mother of all…”

Thomas Merton

After the riotous palette of autumnal reds-golds-oranges has faded, replaced by an audible carpet of brown, withered leaves, one may feel a sense of longing, of loss, of saying “good-bye.” Merton’s reminder of “hidden wholeness” can become a treasure of solace and hope at such a time.

My dear friend Jolynn, comments that autumn is a time when plants are setting roots for spring. Quaker teacher Parker Palmer adds that during autumn, nature “scatters seeds…with amazing abandon…”, looking ahead toward new life.

We as human beings are part of this “mysterious Unity and Integrity” of the natural world and are likewise called upon to make seasonal changes. To embrace a “dimmed light” and a “meek namelessness” in a culture which seems to regard speed, technology, information and action as the hallmarks of right living can be a challenge. Yet, a spontaneous Tibetan song proclaims that there is,

“Nothing to do or undo,
Nothing to force,
Nothing to want
and nothing missing.
Everything happens by itself.”

Through this awareness, we may apprehend that, “Wisdom, the Mother of all” has resided within our own hidden wholeness all along.

-Betsy Schussler

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