Pods, seed pods, unique designs, filled with potential abundance of life!  In this season of the year, we are invited to notice, ponder and marvel at the incredible abundance of seed pods, such as milk weed pods, poppy pods, and mullein pods.  One year I had a 7 ft. tall mullein plant by my door.  The flower stalk had 52 small, intriguing seed pods!  I was curious about what was inside and when I opened one, there were countless tiny seeds, smaller than fine ground pepper.  I was in awe of the abundance.

A unique feature of pods is the way they disperse the seeds.  There are helicopters like the 2 winged maple tree seeds.  There are cottony flutterers like dandelions and milk weed, hitchhikers like burdock that love to latch onto the fur of animals.

So, are each of us unique pods of God, filled with the potential of dispersing seeds of love, peace, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and hope? Perhaps at this season of the year when we often focus on falling leaves, letting go and dying, we also want to focus on the need for abundant new life.  We renew our efforts to spread Good News, open up the world of God, sow new seeds of faith, hope and love.  We can humbly celebrate all the abundance in our lives.  We trust that we can call ourselves Gods Pods!