We are in a season of change, on many levels.  We watch the leaves change color, the squirrels frantically bury their “stash”, and the temperature drop.  This is nature proclaiming a time of transition.

Change is also occurring in our world, society and communities.  The climate is changing, Covid-19 has changed the way we learn, shop, worship, work, and socialize.  Social change has confronted us with our biases, stereotypes, prejudice, and yes, our privilege.  We are surrounded by change.  The question we each must ask our self is “how will I respond”.

At times such as these, there is a strong desire to return to what is perceived as “safe”, to what makes me comfortable, to cling to imagined certainties.  In other words, to resist the change.  Some will deny that anything is really changing, some actively work against the changes, and some condemn the changes and demonize those who are working to bring the changes about. 

Our challenge is not just in our external but also in our internal response; our heart response.  This is the time to ask ourselves the really important questions:

– Where is God most present to me?

– What can I learn from this?

– Who/ what am I fearing and resisting and why?

– What needs to change within me?

– Where am I finding God in this?

May I suggest that as we spend time with these questions, we take them to God in prayer, asking God to show each of us where our hearts needs to expand, what we are afraid to change, and how to respond to these changing times with trust, peace and openness to God’s movement in our world, and especially in our hearts?

Just as sure as this  seasonal change prepares the way for a new season, the changes in our world, lives, and hearts can prepare the way for a new season, with its unique beauty and purpose.

Welcome the new gifts, the new growth which this new season of change holds for you as you let go of what you cannot control and listen for God’s still, small voice whispering deep within you.

 – Terri Sersch