Circle Round . . .

Circle round for freedom.Circle round for peace.For all of us in prisonCircle for release. Circle for the planet.Circle for each soul.For the children of our childrenKeep the circle whole. A […]

Circle round for freedom.
Circle round for peace.
For all of us in prison
Circle for release.

Circle for the planet.
Circle for each soul.
For the children of our children
Keep the circle whole.

A friend who recently spent time at our home taught me this song one evening as we were sitting out on the deck enjoying the waning daylight. I don’t remember the tune now, but the words were so profound that I immediately went in and wrote them down so I would remember them. And so, I have since then been pondering circles.

The circle is one of the oldest geometric shapes and is a universal sign almost all cultures revere as a spiritual symbol. If we begin to look around us in our daily life, we see the circle everywhere. From our vantage point on earth the sun and full moon appear as circles. The seasons and years have circular paths, one flows into the other, with no beginning and no ending. We use the phrase “circle of life,” to mean that everyone and everything is connected. The circle reflects the inter-being oneness of everything. Even the smallest part is in beingness with the largest. The circle symbolizes unity, wholeness, eternity, infinity, perfection, spirit, never-ending energy, and transformation. Can you see why the wedding ring traditionally given to each other in marriage is such a meaningful and potent symbol?

This song also brought to my mind circle dances. Almost every culture from the beginning of humanity dances as community in circle dances. We have lost this in our modern day, and I think that is so sad! Have you ever danced in a circle dance with others? How about dancing and singing “ring around the rosy” as a child? Perhaps in a folk dance or a pow wow? Perhaps with other women or men in a formal dance structure? Perhaps even in a sacred circle with others?

If you have, think back to how that felt in your body and spirit. Was there connection with the community in the circle? Were you able to feel a clearing of your mind and just experience the music, movement, joy, camaraderie, and community of those you were with? Were you able to feel an expansion of energy going beyond yourself into the vast wholeness of life?

As we circle together, we can join hands and circle around for freedom, for peace, for each of us to be released from what imprisons us. We can circle around for the planet, for each soul, for all life on this beautiful Earth, for the children now and 7 generations into the future. Led by Spirit, we can circle to keep the unending, perfect, unified circle of life, without beginning and without end, whole. May we be one. May all be one, now and forever.

I am a Circle
I am healing you
You are a circle
You are healing me
Unite us
Be One
Unite us
Be as One

-Rita Simon

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