It has been a long time since I have heard about, read about, and thought about nobility.  It seems to be a word that belongs to stories of history and middle ages culture.  Kings, Queens, Knights, Nobles, Lords, Princesses and Princes, courtly persons are from another time and place.

There are two definitions of the word, one identifies status and position within a royal setting, the other describes someone with strong moral character.

Upon reflecting, various images of our Christian tradition surfaced.  We claim to belong to the Kingdom of God.  We celebrate Christ as Lord and King.  As baptized persons we identify as belonging in the heavenly Kingdom.  Jesus is often called the Prince of Peace, and as brothers and sisters of Jesus, we too are to be a “Prince or Princess” of Peace.

Then regarding strong moral character we strive to be people of truth, justice, integrity, honesty, love, compassion, forgiveness, courtesy, generosity, etc.

Perhaps each of us is invited to consider our nobility and then claim it, and witness it in our world today.

  1. Given all that surrounds us which seems lacking in nobility, spend some time identifying, naming, and imitating persons who model nobility in their lives and actions.
  1. Ponder and reflect on how to live and claim nobility in your own life.