The entries in the 1950 House Chronicle for this week were mostly about comings and goings:

Frater Roger’s cheery’ countenance is seen again in the friary halls.  Roger returned home today, Sept. 14th, after spending a. week in St. Anthony’s Hospital. He was there for a check-up.  All is well.

Fr. Bartholomew Leaves.  Fr. Bartholomew, the last remnant of last year’s senior clerics, left us today, Sept. 18th, for Catholic University.  There he will take up the study of architecture.  Father Guardian expressed his gratitude to the Rev. Carpenter for his wonderful work in laying the floor in the chapel and also in the kitchen.  Besides this he made cabinets for the kitchen and assisted Br. Ronald in installing the new sink.  His cheery smile and speedy step will certainly be missed by the clerics.  May God bless him in his work.  [Note: It seems likely from the context of this entry that it refers to Fr. Bartholemew Kestell, the artist responsible for the “Seven Joys of Mary” wood-inlay artwork in the dining room and North Hall.]

Br. Ferdinand Comes.  Brother Stephen returned Sept. 19th after attending the funeral of his father in New York.  He was accompanied by a new bambini Brother, Br. Ferdinand.  Most of the clerics are acquainted with Br. Ferdinand, because he spent a year at Garrison learning English. The Brother’s professorium is growing and growing.  The chapel benches and refectory tables are getting more crowded.   

Father Ambrose returned today, Sept. 20th, after attending a meeting of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in Cleveland.

In September 2020, we also have our share of comings and goings.  The deacon candidates and aspirants were here last weekend and have gone home, but will come again in October.  The women of Regnum Christi from Minneapolis-St. Paul came in today for their weekend retreat.  Other small groups will be coming and going from the Solanus Center Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  One private retreatant left this morning; another private retreatant will arrive Sunday.

One somewhat-more unusual coming this week was the arrival of the ginkgo tree we ordered in memory of Fr. Bob’s coming, staying for almost 5 years, then going.  Tracy will be planting the tree between the Solanus Center and the woods sometime in the next day or two, after Bob makes a cage to keep the bambini tree safe from hungry deer.

It is said, “People come and go. Everyone that’s been in your life has been there for a reason, to teach you, to love you, or to experience life with you.”  We at St. Anthony’s welcome many people into our home.  Some do indeed come to teach us, others to love us, and some, like Fr. Bob, to experience life with us.   And all of them, regardless of why they came to us, eventually go and all that remains is what they taught us, how they loved us, and the life experience they shared with us.

For all those people who come and go from our life, and all they bring to us, we say Deo Gratias!