Acknowledge the gifts, attention, glow of care, kindness, warmth
Looking at you, smiling, radiating care


Aunts and Uncles
Family friends
People who have been kind to you
Someone working in a shop where you went as a child
Friends of siblings

Born- didn’t know anything; couldn’t do anything; had to be taught everything-how to eat, dress, go to toilet, talk, walk, etc.

Friends childhood to today

Short time or long time
First love
Kindergarten, school, teenager, adult, now
Joy, support, warmth, care of friends


Kindergarten and elementary school, university
Teachers we didn’t like; acknowledge we even learned from them
People who taught to run, ride, do hobbies, drive a car
Different jobs

Nothing we know comes from nowhere; it comes from others.

ALL Spiritual Teachers

People you have met, or heard about, or read about
Artists, poets, philosophers, writers, therapists, scientists

All the strangers that contributed to your life directly

Birth-midwife, doctors, nurses ~ from first day there were smiles and kindnesses
People in shops, on busses, in public spaces
All who have served you; exceptional moments of kindness by strangers
Daily kindnesses and acts of common decency given to you

All the people who have contributed to your life you have not even met

Grew your food, made your clothes, built the buildings you use

Feel the radiance of care bathe your whole body from toes to top of head
Feel the network of relation
Feel how, from before your birth, you have been showered by care, throughout your whole life to this very moment.
It will continue like that
Without denying the pain; even the difficult people you may wish hadn’t been in your life, even that can be seen as care

Let them all go, but the glow of care stays; timeless care; this universe is a safe place.