Today was Day One of this year’s Volunteer Week. The weather was gorgeous with a cool breeze, blue skies, reasonable temperatures and low humidity. For those who have been here for past Volunteer Weeks, you know how rare that kind of weather is.

We began with Morning Prayer in the chapel, but the four volunteers who came Wednesday night were already hard at work by 9 am. We were blessed with at least 20 volunteers today. Some will be staying the whole week, some were here just for a few hours and the rest just for the day. Everything they did today helps out JustBob with maintenance, Jackie H. and Jain with housekeeping, Adele with the Bookstore, Kim in the kitchen and Cecilia in the office.

Jackie F. and Cindy M. worked all day shampooing the carpet in the chapel and the cloister hall just outside the chapel. William gave them a hand hauling buckets of dirty water away, in between helping his mom in the front office. Joe came in and began working his way through the building dusting every surface in every room. Kathy J. helped out in the front office. LaVerne came and picked garden produce, and Cathy J. turned some of the summer squash into a salad for lunch.

Patti wiped down all the dining room tables, cleaned off the counters and wiped out the cabinets in the dining room. Cindy F. was trimming bushes and cleaning out weeds and dead limbs from the garden by the handicap ramp. Lynn S. and Kathy S. weeded and trimmed the hedges by the cemetery. Danny wrapped silverware and put the new newsletter into all the bedrooms. Kim’s crew of kitchen ladies came it to help prep food needed for meals for the volunteers this week. Jackie K., even though she is apparently a bit camera shy herself, took pictures of the volunteers all day so Marge could spend her time getting merchandise inventoried, priced and stocked in the new Bookstore. Dave continued training Terry as the corporate Treasurer so Terry can take the reins Dave held the past 8 years.

For those staying overnight, we ended the day with Evening Prayer in the Assisi Room, since the chapel carpet was still wet, then to the dining room for supper. Everyone was pretty tired from the jobs well done. They will need a good night’s rest before they begin another day of work Friday.

For the generosity of all of our volunteers, and for the beautiful weather to kick off a great week of hard work, prayer and community-building, we say Deo Gratias!

P.S. Check out the photos of some of Day One’s work crew on our Facebook page.