Tuesday was our annual team Thanksgiving celebration at the Center.  Ron and Tracy were the only team members who were not able to join us, but Jackie K’s father, Jack, and son, Danny, were able to be with us.  

It was a pot-luck feast to behold, courtesy of all the residents and staff, with turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, green bean casserole, smoked fish, cranberry sauce and cranberry fluff salad.  Then there were the desserts: cheesecake, marble cake, cherry pie and Krispie Treats.  No one left the table hungry, and as Kim said, if they went home without diabetes, they weren’t really trying.  

But Thanksgiving should not be just about the feast.  As the name implies, it is about giving thanks, so this Chronicler asked everyone to share what they were most thankful for this year.  

Kim is grateful for her family and good health, and for her mom’s courage and strength fighting cancer. Jain is grateful for the love and support of her friends.  Marge, too, is grateful for her circle of support in a very challenging year.  Jack is grateful just for being alive, which he added is no small thing when you are approaching 85 years of age.  (He also confessed he was grateful to join us for lunch because here people wait on him, and that doesn’t happen anywhere else.)  

Jackie K. is grateful for the wonderful family of St. Anthony’s that she is blessed to be part of.  Adele is also grateful for God’s providence in leading her to St. Anthony’s, and that she is still standing and moving forward after some challenges of her own.  Sr. Barb is grateful for her beautiful great niece who was born November 4th.  Candy is grateful for her ability to live in community and serve her fellow human beings.

Cecilia is grateful for her children and her relationship with Jesus.  Danny is grateful for his mom, his relationship with his family and with Jesus.   Jackie H. is grateful for just being able to be home for Thanksgiving.  JustBob is grateful for a successful year.  And last but not least, Sister Chronicler is most grateful for the help writing this week’s Chronicle.

And as if we needed a reminder to be grateful every day, one of our psalm’s at today’s Evening Prayer gave us this message: “God, our God, has blessed us.”  Indeed, God has blessed us in many different ways every day.

For all the gifts and blessings we receive this day and every day, we say Deo Gratias!