Imagine a gathering in Chicago of thousands of people and 9-12 different countries represented.   What if a profound moving message was being spoken by a few persons from a remote village, how would each person hear  it  in that specific language?
We are soon celebrating the Feast of Pentecost.  The scriptures tell us that people from at least 10 countries were in Jerusalem for the feast .Those from Rome, Italy would have traveled about 2300 miles on foot, in caravans, (no cars or airplanes!!) Those from the Island of Crete came about 1600 miles, land and water travel. The native languages were Italian, Creten, Greek, Hebrew, and the speakers probably spoke Aramaic.
“They were confused because EACH ONE heard them speaking in his own language”   Acts 2: 1-11
Is the amazing message of the Apostles spoken through the power of the Holy Spirit touching our lives today?
Perhaps we are invited to consider our God language.
Much God language has been offered from ancient times. We’ve learned God language, names for God, perhaps in our homes, schools, churches. Speaking a common God language is valuable and important. We rely on the language for God from the writings of Saints, and those who translate other languages.
This Pentecost might be an opportunity to listen to the Spirit, the messages of Jesus, and claim the EACH ONE of us has our own unique, personal language of God.
What is my God Language?
What are the words I use for God? 
How much of my God Language comes from someone else?
When I communicate with God, what language do I use?
Am I attentive to how the Spirit is speaking to me in my own language?
“To EACH INDIVIDUAL the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit”
            ! Corinthians 12 : 3-7
Hearing the Spirit in my own language is an amazing gift of Pentecost.