Earth Day dawned with fog. Or so I thought, until I realized that the “fog” was actually just condensation on my window.

Even without fog, the day has been overcast and windblown. Brother Wind does not seem to tire of visiting us. Rain showers are in the forecast for the afternoon, but have not yet arrived.

Life rolls along in blessed uneventfulness in our house and immediate environs. Tracy continues to study and to work from home, while Marge continues her project of placing palms in guest rooms. Fr. Bob, with his books and computer and phone calls, anchors the northeast corner of the house, while I, with my books and computer and Skype calls, anchor the northwest corner of the house. At least we know that the north side of the house won’t blow away in all of this wind.

The weekend’s mail brought many notes and cards. It was so good to hear from our friends! These days of social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation – but not when we take stock of all the friends near and far who are thinking of us, praying for us, and sending us good cheer. We send prayers and good cheer back to each of you one-thousand-fold, and we give thanks for the sense of community that conquers the potentially isolating effects of social distancing!

May we all be mindful of the healing, comforting power of community – albeit from a distance – as we settle in to another month’s worth of social distancing. Wisconsin’s statewide Safer at Home order was extended a few days ago through the end of May. It’s possible that restrictions will be gradually lessened as the month progresses; it’s possible that they won’t be. We shall see what transpires.

In the meantime, we look forward to the sunshine (or at least partial sunshine) that stands in tomorrow’s forecast. And we pray that Brother Wind will decide to take a nap one of these days.

Deo Gratias!