Sometimes when I look through the old Chronicles, I feel like I am in some episode of Twilight Zone because the entry feels like déjà vu all over again. For example, there is this entry from April 1952:

Easter Sunday, April 13, proved to be, weather-wise, a rather paradoxical Easter. All day long, a heavy snowstorm blew over Marathon. The wet, clingy snow piled up to three or four inches by the end of the day. Smokes almost all day compensated for the unusual Easter weather. Otherwise, the day was spent quietly in the friary. A few went on hikes in the snow.

Sunday’s snowfall disappeared rapidly under the warm rays of the sun. By Wednesday it was just about gone; and on Wednesday the lists for changing from storm windows to screens and for raking and cleaning were posted on the bulletin board. The deadline for screens is April 29; for the raking, as soon as possible, before the grass turns green. By Sunday the 20th, the temperature had climbed to 75 degrees.

Easter weekend 2022 was quiet at St. Anthony’s too. The staff all had the Triduum off as the Center was closed from Thursday through Sunday. After three straight days of high winds (and three more brief power outages Thursday and Friday), the residents were grateful for a quiet and uneventful day.

This year the wet, clingy snow started Sunday evening and by Monday morning the trees and grass were coated with an inch or more of the white stuff. It was beautiful if you weren’t already sick of the white stuff and ready for spring. Monday was more rain than snow and by Tuesday the sun was shining bright, the pavement was dry and all the Easter snow was gone. Even our forecast for this coming weekend is similar to 1952, though not quite as warm; we are hoping for 70 on Saturday and mid-60’s on Sunday.

Like the friars long ago, JustBob is working on his spring job list, too. He no longer needs to worry about swapping storms for screens thanks to the modern windows the Capuchins had installed, and I am sure he is grateful for that improvement. One big job on his list is scheduled for May 14th when he hopes to have some volunteers give him a hand helping clean up the woods. Winter storms were hard on our trees and several fallen trees need to be cut up and moved to our firewood stockpiles, and the branches need to be chipped into mulch. (If you are willing and able to give JustBob a hand, please call and let him know!) Mostly, he’s hoping it stops snowing so the grass can turn green and he can get to work on that list of spring jobs.

Listening to local weather forecasters, snow in April is not all that uncommon, though. In fact, we had snow two years ago for Easter, and four years ago we had over a foot of snow in mid-April. We know spring has never failed to arrive – eventually – so why is it so hard to be patient with the whims of Mother Nature? Whether it is cabin fever, or a longing for the color of spring, or just the fact that we humans tend to be impatient by nature, it is comforting to know God understands our impatience and loves us anyway. After all, isn’t that the message of Easter? God loves us in our imperfections, in our sin, in our betrayals, in our denials, even when we run away.

For the endless patience and love of God despite all our human imperfections, we say Deo Gratias!