For eons and from the beginning of the universe, the cycle of latent dormancy unfolding and activating of life repeats over and over.


  • Dormancy – is inactive, latent but capable of being activated, being in and inactive or resting condition.
  • Activate – is to set in motion something marked by energetic, lively activity.
  • Germinate – is the process of moving from dormancy to new life.

At this time of the year we find ourselves renewed, excited, and hopeful by all the new shoots, the signs of green, the budding of bushes, etc.

The winter for many growing things is a necessary dormancy, inactive time, often to energize the root systems from nutrients deep in the earth.

Perhaps there are two ways we can connect earth’s experience to our lives. One is that part of us needs the winter dormancy to energize our inner selves. Another is that we are to trust that we may have qualities that only germinate in later years or because of some event, trauma, tragedy, struggle. In our Christian experience, we are guided by our churches and by our unique personal choices to enter into Holy Week. One aspect of the Good Friday is the burial of Jesus in a donated tomb. Yes, Jesus chose the dormancy of a tomb as the path to new life. He could have risen from the cross, but chose “tombtime”. He seems to model for us that when some “death” happens, or “stuff happens” we need to honor the need for dormancy, inactivity, to allow some new life to germinate.

Just maybe, choosing to spend some time at St. Anthony’s is valuable as the “tombtime”, the dormancy to replenish oneself and reconnect with the strength of our inner spirit, our spiritual roots!