Here at St. Anthony’s, we echo the praises of St. Francis for the glory of all creation. God has certainly created many colorful and beautiful varieties of plant life. But like many things, God relies on other creatures to assist in God’s creative work. In this case, God sometimes relies on humans to plant and nurture this beauty for others to enjoy.

Some of the most frequent compliments we receive here at St. Anthony’s are in regard to the beauty of our grounds. Those compliments are the result of the hard work and loving contributions of our Beautification Team, aka flower garden volunteers. Kathy and her team show up several times a year to clear, plant, water, tend, weed and clean up the flower gardens and flower pots scattered around the grounds.

Like the experience of our clean up crew on May 14, our Beautification Team was graced with good weather for their work days, although they might have appreciated some of the warmth the clean up crew had. Those who arrived Sunday began the clean up work and readied the flower beds and pots. They held off on planting until more volunteers arrived Monday mostly because of the chance for frost early Monday morning.

Thanks to the number of hands, the crew was able to finish the first round of the annual flower planting by Tuesday afternoon.  Hardy annuals like marigolds, pansies and geraniums were scattered in the flower beds and pots out front and in the courtyards.  Then God blessed their hard work with a gentle rain through the night Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Between the rain this week and the sunshine and warm temperatures forecast for the weekend, the flowers should all get a great start and grow quickly.  God willing, the team will be back in mid-June to add the more delicate annuals to the landscape, by which time those planted this week will have established themselves and flourished.

For the beauty of creation, and for Kathy, Barb, Diane, Theresa, Carol, June, Jeanette, Tracy and all our volunteers all year ‘round who lend a hand sharing and maintaining that beauty inside and out, we say Deo Gratias!