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Slow down. Take your time. Be patient. All good advice that we as a society seem to have a really hard time following most of the time. A part of […]

Slow down. Take your time. Be patient. All good advice that we as a society seem to have a really hard time following most of the time.

A part of our ministry is to offer guests the opportunity to slow down. Often, guests are able to slow down when they spend time with us. Many enjoy practicing meditative walking, either inside in the cloister hall or outside on the trails or labyrinth. Yet, when we were able to have an elevator installed (after years of being patient), the number 1 comment we heard was, “It is so slow!” Ironic, isn’t it? We decided to use the opportunity to remind folks about slowing down, so we placed a sign in the elevator that tells users the elevator operates on “God’s time” and asks them to be patient. The reminder seems to have helped.

There are other ways that we learn to be patient and wait on God’s timing. It is often said that God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is, “Wait”. Here at St. Anthony’s, we have found that “Wait” is very often the answer.

For us, patience is a necessity because we rely on volunteers to help with so many chores. Often that means projects must wait until volunteers step forward to give us a hand. Sometimes, like when winter storms take down many tree branches, we have to wait for Mother Nature before we can begin clean-up. Other projects we earmark for when we know we will have a group pf volunteers here, like Volunteer Week. Eventually, though, the work gets done – in God’s time.

Since we also rely heavily on donations, money is not available for most wants and we either have to wait or get creative. Money is not even readily available for needs unless they are emergency needs. All those “someday” wants and “as soon as we can” needs go on our wish list and get taken care of in God’s time, as God’s providence allows.

One such “as soon as we can” need has been the replacement of the carpet in the Conference Room. It has been a need for a very long time, as it has been fraying at the seams for many years. Each week when the Lord’s Ladies vacuum, the need becomes a little greater as the vacuum catches and pulls up up another loose fiber. Unfortunately, the Conference Room is also a large space which means a large expense. Replacing the carpet would have to wait for God’s time.

About a year ago, we thought God’s time had finally come. A donor came forward who wanted to make a significant gift to St. Anthony’s and offered to purchase the carpet. As wonderful as the gift was, the carpet was only part of the expense of the project, so we began seeking donors who would help pay for the installation. Now that God has provided donors to fund the installation costs, we took the next step this week to select the carpet and schedule the project. And, you guessed it, more waiting.

We have to work around groups that have been scheduled to use that space and we have to be patient for an opening on the carpet installers’ schedule, as they will need to allow a week for the project. We will also use the opportunity to upgrade more than just the flooring by giving the space a little makeover. Fresh paint, some needed work on the electrical system, the lighting and, God willing, maybe even the audio are all on the project list.

Tentatively, the project will begin in early May and may go into the first week of June. Considering we have been patient for more than ten years, waiting a few more months should be easy. Yet we must remain patient and see how God’s time unfolds.

For the grace to be patient and wait for God’s timing, we say Deo Gratias!

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