Today is St. Anthony’s 101st birthday.  The celebration will be a bit more subdued than last year’s 100th, but worthy of celebration, nonetheless.  With no guests in the house, and the staff off for the weekend, our community of two will commemorate the occasion themselves with some ice cream and raspberries.  Fr. Bob and Joannie are sure to join them in spirit, along with a few Capuchin brothers from the other side of the veil.  Thankfully, those ethereal guests won’t each much, so there will be more for Tracy and Marge.

As we begin our 102nd year, we cannot help but reflect on times past and many wonderful memories.  We also must acknowledge that time marches on, whether we want it to or not.

In this year of COVID, time has been a strange companion.  In some ways, time has seemed to stand still – days and weeks run together with little to distinguish one from the next.  Yet all around us, nature reveals signs of the passing of time: maple trees already show hints of the impending autumn even though it seems like they just leafed out yesterday; field mice venture into the house to scout for a warm, safe place to nest for the coming winter; and Tracy lays in a supply of firewood for the Res as diligently as the squirrels outside gather seeds and nuts for the winter.  The lesson, perhaps, is that this pandemic, too, shall pass.  One day, maybe soon, we will tell stories of enduring the COVID pandemic like we tell stories of loved ones who have gone before us and memories of historic events.

For the gifts of many years, many friends and many good memories, we say Deo Gratias! Ad Multos Annos!