It is growing season here at St. Anthony’s, and the grounds are getting more beautiful each day. Each season has its own beauty, but there is something special about the beauty of summer. Perhaps we just appreciate it more because the season seems so fleeting.

The trees and shrubs have filled their limbs with various shades of green leaves. The grass continues to grow so JustBob, Terry, Geri and Tracy continue to mow. The wildflowers in our prairie garden and the wilds of the back yard are in their “white” stage with a few yellow and orange flowers sprinkled in. Still, the foxglove, daisies and Irish moss add their own beauty to the grounds.

The Beautification Team was here a few weeks ago, and the products of their labor of love are thriving under the summer sun and gentle rains. The forty flats of annuals they planted on Father’s Day weekend are blending in with the perennials for a palette of color in the gardens.

The vegetable garden is thriving as well. We have already been enjoying some of the early blessings of this growing season in the form of radishes, lettuce, asparagus and rhubarb. Blueberries and raspberries have appeared on their bushes though they are not yet ripe. The tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, peas and other vegetable plants are all doing well. Unfortunately, so are the weeds, which means the garden beds need constant care.

None of this beauty and none of these blessings would be possible without a dedicated crew of volunteers, and they are also growing in their own way. It seems whenever we have a need, some caring person steps forward to fill a void left when another person needed to step away.

For the beauty and blessings of the growing season, and for all the volunteers who make the beauty and blessing possible for all to enjoy, we say Deo Gratias!