When St. Anthony’s opened its doors as a House of Studies for the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph on August 15th, 1919, the House Chronicler would undoubtedly have made special note of the event in his Chronicle for the day. The House Chronicler was a friar appointed to record the daily happenings of the House – which member(s) of the community were ill or went to the doctor; which member(s) of the community needed glasses; what the weather was like; how the garden was doing; when the radiators were brought to life (not until October, if you’re curious); and who knocked down a power line while carrying a tower from the north side of the house to the banks of the river in the autumn of 1931 (just don’t ask.) Events of the House – from the mundane to the spectacular – were lovingly, reverently, and often humorously recorded in the House Chronicle. Some Chroniclers chose to enter a record in the Chronicle each day, while some chose to summarize events on a weekly or even monthly basis.

In the Centennial Year of this House, we will revive the tradition of keeping a House Chronicle. Look for an entry at least once per week over the next 12 month period. Sister Chronicler will begin the 2019 Chronicle on that most auspicious date: the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.