“If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts” – Ps.95

One of the most surprising aspects I learned after the death of my father three months ago was that I was struggling within my mind to recall what his voice sounded like.  Of course we have video recordings that I could play, but I really wanted to recall it mentally at any moment.  I asked myself , “Why was this so hard to do, remembering such a familiar voice I heard for so many years?  What tone was it?” 

Going through old photos I found one of my Dad cutting my hair.  I was about 3 years old, my Dad about 32.  It’s a timeless kind of picture, though the décor looks 1964.  But later on in either a waking or sleeping dream, I could hear my father say, “Sit still!”, very clearly-obviously recalling a haircut from long ago.  It was a gift to me.

Though I think now, it was a great deal more than a memory.  I believe it was also the Lord trying to get my attention.  As someone accurately said, we are human beings, not human doings, doing this, that, and another thing around the clock!  Isn’t it time to sit still for even a few moments, to meditate on the mystery that we all are?

Through this vivid recollection I’ve had, I want to put into practice Sit Still moments.  Of course, this isn’t possible all of the time realistically.  But I think I can do better.  And perhaps I’ll be better able to hear those guiding voices of my earthly and Heavenly Father.  We have a wonderful resource in St. Anthony’s to help us do just this!

“I Heard the Voice of Jesus say, Come unto me and Rest”

 -Bruce LaCrosse

As is my custom, I share an artwork I have done.  My father was happiest around or on the water, and his favorite colors were green and blue. This is my tribute in a tranquil way.  

God Bless you!