My time as Director of St. Anthony’s has come to an end, and my days as a resident of this glorious old house are also swiftly drawing to a close. Indeed, Moving Day comes with the morning’s light.

The boxes have been packed. (Fr. Bob’s foresight in buying about three years’ worth of sanctuary lamp candles has proven to be an enormous blessing — theĀ  sturdy and compact boxes in which those candles are shipped fit the bill perfectly when packing books, office supplies, and trinket-y items.)

The new place of residence has been cleaned and outfitted with an internet connection.

The details of the moving plans have been finalized.

Ray loaned his trailer; Patrick will loan his labor; and the house will loan its truck. Just Bob topped up the fluids in the truck today, while Tracy cleaned it out and washed it. Here in the house, meanwhile, someone set out in plain view those kitchen items that I would almost certainly have otherwise forgotten to pack.

These thoughtful acts of love are the kind that can never really be repaid.

But therein lies the beauty of community: thoughtful acts of love need not be repaid. Such acts are done for joy and delight, not for return or reward.

And so for community, and for this community in particular, I most sincerely say: Deo Gratias!