Little Lyleigh was born in June of 2019.  She is the daughter of my son and his wife. Her birth made me a grandma.  Being a mom took time, a lot of practice, trial, and error.  Becoming a grandma was different; I fell right into the role, lying on the floor with Lyleigh looking at the world from her perspective. 

What is it like to see the world for the first time?  As Lyleigh grew, her vision became clearer and clearer.  From birth on, Lyleigh, and perhaps most little ones, curiously study people and things around them.  When Lyleigh was a little baby I would take her outdoors or hold her near a window.  Her eyes would widen and she would stare into the trees moving against the sky backdrop.  Little Lyleigh spent time staring at her hands, fingers and feet as she wiggled, bent and moved them around.  This past August, Lyleigh spent an entire hour sitting on a little bench studying the clothespins in a bucket, picking them up, turning them around, and trying to make them open and close.  She notices everything and finds most everything interesting.  Lyleigh reminds me to slow down, become aware of myself, and to notice the world around me.  She reminds me to see from different perspectives.

The spiritual journey invites us to the same.  Perhaps more than ever, we are being called to see from different perspectives.  Notice the way the trees sway in the breeze. Watch the sun break open the morning.  Become aware of your breath, the way your body moves, and the way your body responds to the happenings of the day.  Just be without doing anything.  Get down on the floor with a child.  See the world, again, for the first time.  Mask wearing invites us to look directly into the eyes of another.  Let curiosity lead the way.  Notice the sacredness in every moment, in every human, in yourself.  May your vision become clearer and clearer. 

– Kathy Walczyk