April is Volunteer Appreciation month, but at St. Anthony’s, we appreciate our volunteers year-round. JustBob was especially appreciative for the many hands who came out to help him clean up the grounds on Saturday. Thirteen volunteers from a wide range of ages came and offered over 40 hours of their time to cut up trees, haul logs and branches and take care of a few other odd jobs.

The tree in the southwest corner of the front yard that broke off this winter was cut up and moved to the parking lot where the branches can be chipped and the trunk split for firewood. The trees that fell on the trails and near the Stations were also cut up and moved so the trails are now all cleared. A couple more dock deck sections were added to our footbridge in the front yard. One work crew of mom and her two sons took care of planting seeds in the vegetable garden.

The crew worked so hard that they wore out two lawn mowers that were helping haul logs and branches from where they fell to a more appropriate location. Thankfully, JustBob was able to make the needed repairs this week so they could resume their normal duties because the grass is growing fast.

Most importantly, Mother Nature cooperated with the crew. Despite forecasts early in the week that threatened storms, Saturday was sunny and dry, although perhaps a bit warmer than was necessary. The workers were able to complete all of the tasks on JustBob’s work list with an hour to spare. Many hands do make light work.

For Rollie, Dennis, Butch, Dean, Jackie, Tracy, Gus, Ethan, Jerome, Martin, William, Cecilia, Frank and all our volunteers all year ‘round, we say Deo Gratias!