After the Resurrection of Jesus, the followers, the apostles, the disciples were to carry on His message.  Those persons were called “The People of the Way.”  They struggled in their efforts to be faithful to living as Jesus had taught them.  We can only imagine the conversations and discussions that took place in that Upper Room!  In the midst of the gathering was Mary, Mother of Jesus, Matriarch.

Most Pentecost images show Mary seated in the center of the Apostles.  She is the midlife midwife of the new covenant.  She is surely the one who kept alive the promise of the Spirit.  She is surely the one that trusted, believed and proclaimed the coming of the Holy Spirit.  She is the elder in their midst.  We can well imagine that those apostles and early disciples must have come home to Mary from their travels of proclaiming “the Way.”  They no doubt told her all their adventures, struggles, and joys.  Mary, the Matriarch IS the center, the one who encouraged, assured, prompted, supported and consoled those newly commissioned proclaimers of “the Way.”

Perhaps we are invited to look to the Elder Mary as we continue to be faithful to the Living Gospel.

  • Who are the elders that we look to for support, advice, encouragement?
  • What ways do the Elders of our Faith life nurture us in times of struggle, maybe even doubt?
  • Who urges us to trust the presence of the Holy Spirit?
  • Who strengthens us to continue to hope?