The NCIS team was on site Monday and Tuesday, investigating St. Anthony’s inside and out and top to bottom.

This NCIS team was not the one of Hollywood fame that investigates criminal activity, but rather Neighborhood Catholics in Service, a group of mostly middle school age youth, along with a few high school leaders and adult chaperones from Wausau. They are spending the week having fun socializing with their peers, working and praying together all while serving the community. St. Anthony’s was the beneficiary of two of their five work days.

This NCIS team was investigating dust bunnies, cob webs and downed tree branches. Groups of volunteers picked up sticks along the trails in the woods, hauled firewood up to the Fireplace Lounge, and pulled grass and weeds from beneath the pine tree seedlings on the grounds. They deep cleaned all the suites that were occupied during Volunteer Week, including washing those windows; they dusted baseboards, tops of doors and door frames; they cleaned all the chairs in the chapel; and they mopped all the stairways. They cleaned and cut beans from the garden, mopped the dining room and washed all the tables.

They chose to devote a week of their precious summer vacation to serve their community, and we were honored to receive the gift of their time. Their presence, their energy and enthusiasm, their joy and laughter, their curiosity about this house (which JustBob helped satisfy with tours for all), their camaraderie with each other, and their hard work for little more than a hearty lunch and our gratitude was a blessing to all of us.

For the blessings of youth and their willingness to serve others, we say Deo Gratias!