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The new Bookstore has been in place, open and operating for a couple of months now. We always had a plan for what to do with the space that used […]

The new Bookstore has been in place, open and operating for a couple of months now. We always had a plan for what to do with the space that used to house the Bookstore, and a busy weekend in November is prompting us to take the next steps sooner rather than later, so our weekly team meeting was a little different this week.

Instead of meeting in the Hesse Lounge, we gathered in the old Bookstore. We still covered general updates and the planning for the weekend, but the main reason for our relocated meeting was to decide what to do with all the furniture and furnishings that were still in the area. JustBob had a vision for the space, but there were still several desks, tables and assorted shelves that would not be needed in the repurposed space. A few could have a use in the meeting space, but most would need a new home, and JustBob and Jackie K. were looking for input on where and how these other items could be used.

The discussion started slowly. Perhaps people were unsure of the various options, or perhaps they were a bit overwhelmed about what to do with everything. So we started with what could stay: the old cashier stand would make a good coffee station, and a smaller side table would be useful to gather used cups and glasses; three upholstered chairs and two small tables could be used to create a couple of conversation areas; the two round tables and the chairs could be used in the new space; a couple of the shelves on the stage could stay and be used for storage, but they needed to be re-positioned.

One desk and one table could be used in bedrooms to replace the small student desks. Another desk will find a home in Jackie K.’s office. One more desk will be stored downstairs until it is needed. One table went to the Hesse Lounge, and another to the Solanus Center. Some storage cubes will be repurposed for housekeeping storage. Several pieces were designated to go to new homes outside of St. Anthony’s. Some odds and ends will be stored downstairs until JustBob comes up with creative uses for them, or dismantles them for their useful parts.

After the meeting, Marge started stocking the coffee station with supplies. Cecilia, Adele and Jackie H. scattered with the items they could carry away to their new homes. Tracy and JustBob got to work moving the larger pieces where they needed to go. While they made significant progress, there is still more to move out. But enough was moved that the floor can be cleaned and made ready to bring in the tables and chairs needed to complete the transformation. From the decision-making to the manual labor, taking the next steps requires a real team effort, as it always does and always will.

For the blessings of teamwork as we take the next steps forward, we say Deo Gratias!

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