My husband prefers grey days. “Easy on the eyes,” he says. Though I usually prefer sunshine, his love of the subdued has rubbed off on me, especially this time of year. 

When the landscape moves from brilliant color to subtle hues, greys, browns, and white after a fresh snowfall, there is an invitation to slow down. 

When darkness creeps slowly into and out of November’s skyline, many are drawn inward.  

When the sound of crunching leaves underfoot drowns out all other sounds, we are called to attention!

When temperatures drop, we may be inclined to bundle up, cook good food, hunker down, and nestle in.

If you are a hunter, like my husband and I, this season lures us into the woods, to sit still, to observe, to reflect, and on occasion, to draw back our bow or pull the trigger. 

Christians designate this as a time for waiting and a time for preparation, a readying of heart and mind.

What are you called to this season? 

Are you looking to ease into or out of something?

Are you inclined to slow down or to release energy?

What is drawing your attention?

Are you discerning a decision or direction?

What is stirring inside of you?

What are you preparing for?

What do you hear in the silence? What do you see on the horizon? What do you feel in the darkness? What do you smell cooking? What touches you deeply? What suffering or gladness rests in your soul?

Can you cast an easy eye toward yourself? Can you observe your feelings, sensations, inclinations, and intentions without judgment, without condemnation? Ease into the parts of yourself that are difficult to look at. Gently allow yourself to move toward your truest self. And, as you move along, consider offering the same easy eye outward, to others, to the world around you.

– Kathy Walczyk