For all of the consternation about whether or not we would have a white Christmas, we have certainly made up for it since then. The flakes keep coming down and the piles keep growing.  I can almost hear Dean Martin singing, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!”

And then I hear JustBob muttering, “Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it STOP!!”

Now, to be honest, I never heard JustBob complain about much of anything. He may enjoy being outside playing in the snow with his faithful companion, JustBobCat. He’s an outdoor kinda guy. He may even prefer playing outside to spending his time in the basement coaxing those three hot ladies to stay fired up, especially considering how persnickety they have been lately. But mostly, he’s just an easy going guy who never seems to let anything get him down.

The more I think about it, it is probably just me. When I was responsible for snow removal at home, I always enjoyed the first snowfall more than the second, or third, or fifth, or tenth. The more snowfalls, the less I liked them and the more I longed for spring’s arrival.  I can definitely remember thinking, “Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it STOP!!”

Now that I know JustBob and his faithful companion will take care of the snow removal here, I can sit back and appreciate the beauty more. I love watching snow fall. I love the way the snow lays on the bare tree limbs, or the way it frosts the evergreen trees. The white blanket on the ground is so much prettier than the brown of late fall and early winter. Since I “work at home” now, I rarely have to worry about driving in the snow, either, which is nice.  Others appreciate the snow, not for any of the reasons I do but because they enjoy winter sports.  And there are others who are not fans of the white stuff, perhaps because they have to remove it or drive in it.

It is interesting how my perspective of things that are out of my control, like when we get snow and how much, has changed because of a couple of decisions I made years ago. I wonder if I made a decision today to do my best to enjoy whatever happens in the future, if that decision would also change my perspective, if I could appreciate the beauty even in the challenging and difficult times. (Hmmm, accept the things I cannot change. Someone really should write a prayer around that idea. Oh, wait. . . )

For an awareness of differing perspectives, and the grace to decide to accept the things we cannot change no matter what our perspectives may be, we say Deo Gratias!