Recently our grandson was privileged to travel to Washington D. C. with the safety patrol.  When he returned he presented me with a gift.  He said that it was actually for Grandpa and for me.  He gave us a little turtle with the words “Pray more, Worry less.”  I remembered a conversation that I had with him one day indicating that sometimes I worried.  I also told him that Grandpa told me not to worry.  His choice of a gift was apt. The gift got me to thinking.


We celebrate a Hallmark Holiday in the month of May called Mother’s Day. Often when women friends get together, they share their worries.  Men do this too, but probably not to the extent that women do.  We share worries about family, health, the state of the country and a myriad of other worries.  Women seem to have a need to verbalize what worries them.  We do it well.  And yet, is the answer to minimize our worries to “pray more, worry less?”  It all sounds so simple.  It is about growing in our faith.   As we know that is a life-long process.


Paul, in the second letter to Timothy mentions two women of faith.  “…I recall your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and that I am confident lives also in you.”  Paul believes that Timothy’s faith was handed on to him by his mother and grandmother.  All of us who nurture others are vehicles in handing on the faith.  It is a temptation to make it a simple but it is anything but that.  The journey in faith moves slowly.  It was appropriate that the statement “Pray more, Worry less” was placed on the back of a turtle.  The journey is long and often difficult, but the importance of a dedicated prayer life is the place to start.


As Paul recognized the importance of Timothy’s mother and grandmother, let us give thanks for mothers and grandmothers even if their journeys in faith were slow and difficult. They began the process of faith for others.