The topic for this reflection is frighteningly obvious, Covid19.

Each day we hear how the pandemic keeps spreading.  With each new development so grows the uncertainty and fear.  I pray that every one reading this is healthy and safe.

I think the “flood gates” bursting during Lent is not particularly coincidental.  At the risk of sounding overly “fire & brimstone”, sometimes we need a swift boot to the back-side from God.  This fear and uncertainty is certainly is a perfect time to pray more.  

The restrictions either suggested or mandated have given us all Lenten disciplines we probably would not have chosen.  One could whine, complain and worry. Instead, why not pray a lot more and more often. If nothing else while praying a Rosary you would be distracted from fear.  One might even hear a Holy Whisper inspiring you to not simply survive but thrive.

With fewer distractions to consume our time, there are countless new opportunities.  Maybe one could watch a neighbor’s children, start a social service movement or possibly another of the countless things in between.  

If this uncertainty will cause us to pray and listen to God, He has an infinite amount of ways to comfort us.  We need to be prayerful and listen for His whisper. One might not only survive but thrive, and along the way with a little inspiration one might bring someone along for His ride.

– by Robert Wiessinger