Perhaps a question worth wondering about, studying, and reflecting on is “How many questions did Jesus ask?”   Several authors have done the counting  and noted 200-300 total questions that Jesus asked in the four Gospels.


Often it is more common to think of Jesus as teacher, the one who offers answers to life, situations, and to the questions of others. Though this is true, what if reflecting on the many questions of Jesus gives us insights about living a Gospel life?



Jesus frequently asks “what do you want me to do for you?”  We usually offer to do what WE think others want. Jesus models another way that honors the person.

Jesus asks, “What are talking about as you go on your way?”  It is more common for us to hear someone talking and we quickly want to tell OUR story.  Jesus models the respectful value of listening intently to others.


Jesus asks “what are you looking for”?  giving the two disciples a chance to identify and name their desires and hopes.  How often we assume and presume to know what others desire and hope and need.  Jesus models an inviting way of attending to others.


Jesus had a sense of urgency about life. He had an amazing awareness of timing in posing questions to lead, to challenge, to prompt conversation and conversion. His questions were respectful of the person/s  and were often invitations to deeper meanings of life and living.


Person to person communication hopefully includes sacred listening and sacred speaking.

Perhaps our imitation of Christ also is in our compassionate questions and our sacred listening and speaking.

Perhaps our listening and reading of the Gospels will be with an awareness of all those questions!